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I’m Scott, middle school principal by day, fly fishing junkie by all other times of the day. Except, that is, when I’m chasing my three young kids around the house, which seems to be most of my free time right now. 

But whether I fish eight times a week (yes, that’s possible) or once a month, I still love it. Everything about it. And getting more invested in fly tying has only made me a more passionate and skilled fisherman.

It started in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains

I’ve been an eager fisherman since I was little. I remember catching my very first fish (a massive 4-inch brookie) on a tiny mountain stream in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. My dad kindly took the fish off the hook for me and, without asking, tossed it back in the water. I was gutted. According to my dad, I cried for hours.

Over the next 15 years, my dad and I spent a lot of time fishing together. Because of him, fishing has become a huge part of my life. And if you ask my wife, it’s not just a part of my life, it’s who I am. She also likes to say that she’s the best catch of my life, which is true. But I’ve caught some really nice fish too.

Learning to tie flies

I started tying flies in high school when my Advanced Biology teacher decided to do a unit on Entomology and thought it made sense for all of us to learn how to tie flies to understand things better. I loved it. I immediately bought Jack Dennis’ Western Trout Fly Tying Manual and using this book, I taught myself how to tie flies.

I started with simple and standard flies like:

After becoming a more experienced fisherman, I started playing around with more complicated flies. But it didn’t come without a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and way too much money spent on fly tying supplies.